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Yesterdays Smoking Adventure

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Yesterday I got around to smoking those chicken halves.  Simple olive oil, kosher salt, and course ground black pepper.





Came out nice. I held back though was going to pull then at 165 and let them rest but I held out for 170 and my breast was a bit on the dry side. Could have used a touch more salt also.

Beef short ribs today
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Nice looking bird there Matthew. :Looks-Great: I like a simple rub on birds myself. Next time I know you will nail it.



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Excellent color on those birds. I always use mesquite on my chicken because its not along smoke and imparts good flavor. Though I have a propane burner, not sure how it would turnout on a stick burner?
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I use a wild cherry...

...because I got all this
Load of wild cherry wood I found on craigslist for 45 bucks.
Cherry wood stacked nicely.
...on craigslist local for 45 bucks

Very mild sweet smoke which I've really enjoyed on my pork shoulders not bad on the chicken and I was suprised on how well I liked it on my beef ribs. Once I run out I'll probably pick up some oak. I use royal oak lump to start my fire in a chimney then straight cherry. So far I've enjoyed the results.

To be honest I cannot recall ever having smoked chicken so I have nothing to compare it against.
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That's a nice score of wood for $45. Use it up! :-)
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