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First turkey breast

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This is my first full bone-in turkey breast (no legs) about 3 hours in.


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That looks good man! It should be done soon  Thumbs Up  Smoked turkey breast is great!

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looks guud!
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Awesome, nice color ! icon14.gif
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Did you brine or rub it at all?

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I didn't brine it, I usually do brine but this was a last minute decision and I only had time to dry rub and put in the fridge over night.  

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Welcome , Perk. Good looking Breast , you shouldn't have a problem , good color.  I don't feel Brining is that important , with todays processing , they have enough coming from the processor. Fresh killed might need some. having said that , a log of your cooks might help you in deciding if you like a brined Bird or not. 


Have fun and . . .

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I'm going to do my first turkey this weekend...question: do you use a water pan when smoking a turkey?
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That is some nice color. I did one and it turned black.

I'm thinking of doing one this weekend.

Can I get some additional details? Rub, wood etc.

I'm smoking on a modified brinkmann ecb charcoal smoker.

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