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Burnt ends

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hi Guys,



any of you tried to make Burnt ends in the oven.i dont have smoker but i really want to try this meat(i never tried before)but is sounds jummyyyyy....:)

if you any of you tried before how you made it???did you used the same rub or you did it different way???




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theres no reason why you cant make burnt ends in the oven. use the same rubs or sauces that you would in a smoker. and don't tell anyone I said this but use some liquid smoke. before I had a smoker I used to make pretty good ribs and pork shoulder in my oven. good luck. let us know how they come out. 

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Thanks for the advise Hambone1950...don't worry about the liquid smoke because I am absolute not fan of it.

well I already doing my pulled pork in the oven with the very very good result so...I let you know thanks again.

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