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Probe temp

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I purchased an Acurite 278 and the stainless part of the probe is 5 inches. The first 2'' part of the probe is narrow and it widens further up. It doesn't seem right that I would have to insert the full 2 inches of the probe to get an accurate internal temp but if I place the tip in a glass of ice water I get a cold temp and if I touch above the tip with my fingers the temp rises. That means that the exposed part of the probe is reading the air temp so does that mean I have to insert the probe a whole 2 inches into the meat? Just doesn't seem right. I hope you are understanding what I am asking.

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My thoughts are it needs to be in the middle of the meat mass to get the correct temp for doneness. You can't know the IMT by touching the outside of the meat.



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Anything you smoke except Ribs will require the probe to be in center mass. You should have very little probe still exposed and the probe shaft won't be conducting the temp of the exposed part into the meat or be measuring temp...JJ

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