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Smoking Corned Beef Brisket

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I've been holding back on trying my skills at a full brisket, at $60 I don't really want to screw it up. But after dozens of pork butts, it is time!

I'm trying my skills with a smaller brisket cut, the cryo vac'd Corned Beef Brisket everyone buys for St. Pattys. This one was 3.25lb

I rinsed, then soaked in water for 2 hr.

I rubbed the brisket in Dijon Mustard, then this dry rub:

Ground coriander seeds
Brown sugar
Ground black peppercorns
Ground yellow mustard
Minced garlic

I'll post more as it smokes.

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Mmmmmmm, pastrami.  So when's lunch?  I'll bring the brown mustard and hoagie rolls.

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6 hr @ 230F for internal temp 165F

Wrapped in foil and smoker temp to 250-270F

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Lookin great ! icon14.gif
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What a neat smoker!

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I pulled at 203, and let sit foil wrapped for 2hr..internal temp dropped to 140F. Very tasty-but still salty. Will have to soak longer next time.

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Looks great bring on the sour kraut, mustard, and rye!
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I've made many a pastrami with store bought corned beef. Those things are tough to rid of the salt.....luckily for me nobody who's tried my pastrami has ever mentioned that it was too salty. I quit trying to soak the salt out of them after a few times noticing little difference in the finished product.


One of the ingredients that I use that you didn't list is juniper berries. The piney taste they add really offsets the saltiness. You might want to give them a shot.....World Market carries them if you have those in your area. If not you can do as I do and order in bulk from one of the online spice web sites. Penzeys has great prices and their selection is second to none.


I'll give you the very simple rub recipe that I use.....course ground black pepper, ground coriander and crushed juniper berries are the only spices that I use. Rub down the corned beef a few nights before and vacuum seal (or tightly wrap) it and let it sit in the fridge. I've even frozen them ready to smoke and they turn out great.


P.S. That pastrami looks awful lonely in that big ol' smoker all by itself! If you looking for other things to smoke that don't break the bank try throwing some onions, potatoes or even apples on there. They make for very tasty treats.

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I read a few threads saying Juniper Berries were the spice to use, I just couldn't get any locally.

I will say I put hickory and apple through it under good smoke, but I could not taste any smokiness to speak of.

I think I'll smoke my corned beef from here out, just need to refine the rub and get the saltiness out.

The goal in this was to experiment with heat and time for smoking a whole brisket.
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Looks absolutely delicious! I have had success soaking them for about 24 hours. Also, next time you smoke one, don't slice it, stick it in the fridge for as long as you can without going absolutely crazy (2 or 3 days). And then steam it back to an internal temp of 200-205. Slice and enjoy the most moist and tender piece of meat you will ever eat. Read about this technique on another website which claimed this is how they do pastrami in famous NYC delis like Katz's. Great smoke. Also, great looking smoker!
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I had to follow up on this-because the taste did improve with each day in the fridge. I was not initially that impressed, but I made cold sandwiches all week long with it, and they were damn good!
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Awesome! I just smoked one last night and I'm going to hold off until Monday afternoon to steam and serve it for Memorial Day.
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That looks really nice man!  :drool   thumb1.gif

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new guy with a new smoker.

I'v all ready done a sammon and ribs that came out great. Just did a corn beef and this time i took pictures.I do like to pickel things but i find i can pick one up at the store or butcher.. I'v done them on grill  and this is the first time with a smoker. Used the spices that cam

with it and it tase great.Not mutch left for later




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How long did it take to go from initial wrap at 165F to you final temp at 203?


I plan on doing one on Sunday along with a pork shoulder

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Normally I would grill all sides(searing) first but this time i didn't. I placed meat on the rack no foil and turning about every 45min.till it sealed the sides and left it  stand with the fat side up. I use the seasoning that came with it and rub it in. pre heat to 160 -200F before putting in and starting smoker. Set smoker for 2hr burn and cook for 4hr I have a bradly electric smoker  Once meat temp. got to 140 turn smoker temp down to 160 about the last1 1/2 ,2 hr.Then puledl meat out after 4hr with inside meat temp around 140F wraped in foil and towel let stand for 1hr. The meat temp was still quite warm when unwrapped and juices not running.

I hope this helps. It should feel ferm not rubbery after 3hr when you turn time I will sear the fat side first to get a nice crust.

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