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Pecan Smoked Brined Pork Loin

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Smoked a Pork Loin at the NC Smokers Gathering and it was so good I thought I'd try another, but brine it this time. Brined it for 24 hours with this:


2 qt. Water

½ tsp. Rosemary

½ Cup Salt

½ Cup Brown sugar

¼ tsp Thyme

1 tsp Black Pepper

½ Cup Apple juice

¼ Cup Maple syrup


Brined for 24 hours


Place in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Dry prior to smoke.


In a large pot, simmer the ingredients until solids are dissolved.



My daughter sent Cricket flowers for Mother's Day and they were in this.

Perfect brine bucket for smaller meats I thought.



Nice end piece of pork loin I had in the deep freeze. About a kilogram.




Set it on some canning lid rings so I could get the brine underneath.



Cool the brine and submerge meat in mixture. Put a plate on it to keep it submerged.



After 24 hours I dried it off and rubbed it some SPOG, Brown Sugar and paprika.




Smoked to about 140º IT. Wrapped it in foil for about 20 minutes while I prepared the sides. Then opened it and rested for 20 more minutes before slicing.




The sides.



The slices. The juice.





The pork was very moist and quite delicious I must say.



Thanks for tuning in.

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Looks great! Thanks for posting the brine recipe. Ill have to try it out. Hahah I am a lazy briner and usually only do water, salt, and sugar.
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  Mmmm Smoked pork loin is awesome! And yours looks great! Nice job Thumbs Up



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That's a mighty fine looking meal man!  :drool  I love a good smoked loin... Nice smoke  2thumbs.gif

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You know I had totally no need for a pork loin until I cane here and learned brining techniques. Now Its a awesome smoke. Beautiful meal man.


BTW I would like to point everyone's attention to your reefer (refrigerator), that's most definitely a family's refrigerator! LOL thumb1.gif 

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