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Smoked 10 lbs of Cheese (Q-View)

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It was nice and cool in S.Louisiana last night so I decided to smoke some cheese. I had Cheddar , Pepper Jack , & Colby Jack,smoked10 lbs of it. Smoked for 4 hrs using maple and apple.

Magic Dust !!!!!


A-Maze-n magic dust smoker


Just getting started.


All done ready for vacuum sealing then fridge for at least 2 weeks.

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Looks great.  I am collecting a stash to do too.

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The cheese looks great!  Well done!  I love my amns for cheese smoking.  Thank you for sharing the QV.

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Looks very good Bob!


Deeper smoke color than I had on my 1st cheese smoke.

I did a big batch a month ago, or so (my first) and only smoked for 3 hours.  Has pretty good smoke flavor now, but I would like just a bit more, so next time I will smoke at 4-5 hours.  It seems like most people use 4-5 hours.  Must be a reason, right? 

I went light the first time, because I wasn't sure what I would like.

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It's such a treat to see the smoked cheese posts, as I have never smoked cheese. Well done! Cheers! - Leah

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Nice Job, BobDog!!!Thumbs Up


Looks Great !!!:drool



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