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Cut to make sausages?

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Does anyone know what cut is best for making sausage?


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Any cut can be used to make sausage.... mixing cuts and different meats, pork, beef, venison, duck etc. make for any interesting and very good sausage..... Fat is very important in sausage also.... don't skimp on fat when using a recipe..... different fats have different textures and flavors just as the meat does.... be sure to write everything down so you can make it again or not.... experimenting is fun and can provide some great flavor profiles....
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For example, pork sausage. Is butt best?

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Pork Butt makes very good sausage. You can also use pork shoulder which is the cut just below the Butt. Both have a good fat ratio for making sausage.
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Is it called blade roast?

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Originally Posted by senorkevin View Post

Is it called blade roast?

Blade roast is a Butt....... That is a new name that coincides with beef to make it more consumer friendly..... in beef, 7 bone is a blade cut....

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I've used a mix of ham & shoulder, used belly and back fat as well.


My thought is that with sausage you want close to an 80/20 mix, meat to fat. If you do that you're golden regardless of meat used.

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