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how to keep temperature in a small charbroil junior offset smoker?

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i recently got an offset smoker and i seasoned it and it works fine no mods or anything. i am a stick burner and i love my oak and hickory(va bbq) but i am wondering, how do i keep the temp in the smoker for over 10 hours as a stick burner. btw im a teen so please put things in a simple way im all ears for your sugestions, but how do i keep it up to temp


how do i gauge that themometer on the junior smoker?


and this is my smoker with out mods, i dont need mods at all. i might add bricks in the fire box to make clean up easier, and a brick baffle.


im a stick burner and i make my own charcoal so please help me, help a bro out.


 my smoker during seasoning


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A stick burner isn't really a set it and forget it kinda thing it has to be constantly tended to keep temp. You should be able to hold your temp for an hour maybe hour and a half before having to add wood.
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thanks is there any more suggestions on this smoker i have what about the temp gauge

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Once you get the hang of it you might be able to walk away for an hour or so. But until then you'll be playing with the vents a lot to figure it all out, and you really need I be around it all the time.

I've had an offset for 10 years and I don't like to walk away from it for more than 20 minutes.
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As far as your temp gauge goes id buy a new one. It's not at grate level so the temperature could be far different down there. I don't trust the one that came with mine at all. It's usually far different at grate level.
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okay whats the temp difference, how can i gauge, i dont have money to buy another guage, im trying brisket and i useually probe it with hand temp 11 sec= 250 10=275-300 12=200-250

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I have a side burner and the lid thermometer is way off, but at least it's fairly consistent. I use an oven thermometer that sits on the grate. When the grate temp is where I want it I check to see what my lid thermometer reads and just use it as a guage. They are really inexpensive especially when compared to the price of meat. Like said before by others a side burner isn't a set-it and forget system.




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i dont have the money to get thermo, so how i gauge manually

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I've been smoking for over a decade and I can't "gauge manually".... I'm not saying it's impossible, but if I can't do it, I highly doubt someone with less experience than myself can either.

I wouldn't smoke a brisket without a thermo stuck in the meat. You'll wreck it. End of story.
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i did it b4 without thermo and it was perfect i know how to bbq im just making adjustments to me new smoker

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Good luck
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What's the verdict? How'd it turn out? How'd you gauge it?
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well, i didnt buy thermo, and i have thin blue and white smoke, its efficent its not too hot, but it works, no issue! im smoking right now

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Awesome! Now the big question is how are you gonna know when the meat is up to temp?
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Here's an article I posted on stickburning and control.


Being young , you'll have trouble with the Patience part , but bear in mind BBQ is not an instant gratitude thing .  .  . for your size of smoker you'll need a lot of babysitting , watching your thermometers. 


And that's another can of Worms... get a 'good' dual probe can then see in real time , how your process is going and can adjust your intake  as needed (remember , leave the exhaust open).


What I'm saying is develop a strong Patience . BBQ is done when it's done.(wish I knew who said that???)


Have fun and . . .

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Where is the Qview? I've been waiting to see how this meat looked. How'd it taste? And how did you determine when to pull it off the smoker?
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