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Just stopping by to say hello. My name is Matthew and I'm from Marlette Michigan. I'm 29 and have a degree in culinary arts and am learning how to cook on a sick burner (we only had electric at school). I have a Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition that I have done the basic mods to to learn on... If all goes well my father and I plan on building a smoker sometime in the future.

My goal is to start out small learn and some day my girlfriend and I would like to have our own joint.
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Welcome Matthew! Smoking is all about patience. The meat will be done when it's done. A stick burner is not set it and forget it cooking. The fire has to be tended to keep temp. When you have questions just ask there is a lot of very experienced members just waiting to help out.
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Hello to you Matthew, welcome to the site, sounds like a great plan. I like my stick burner, and nothing like spending time building a smoker. Good luck and keep us posted.


Gary S

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Welcome to the forum from Lansing Matthew.  And what a great forum it is to learn the art of smoking everything


We are going to have a Michigan get together this year and I hope you can make it.


It’s always nice to see another Michigander here..


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