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Wife's 75th birthday party

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Got my hands full for the next few days.  Putting on a family party for my wife's 75th birthday.  The menu will include, 18 bone pork crown roast(smoked), like Jeff had in a news letter a while back, smoke salmon with a lime butter glaze, Pastrami sandwiches(in the smoker now). Deviled  eggs, Hot artichoke dip with crusted sourdough bread, of course mac and cheese and corn on the cob, caesar salad and fruit salad. wine, beer, soda, apple cider. My daughter and granddaughter are making 75 fancy cup cakes(we got some of those pink baker boxes for take home). My 24 year old grandson, graduate of the S.F Culinary Institute and Executive Chef at a place in Arizona will be here to help. Looking forward to a great time.  Will post photos later.


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Very cool, graywolf!  Please wish your wife a happy birthday!  It sounds like you're gonna be pretty busy, but I hope to see some of your Qview...



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Yes, do offer your wife Birthday wishes.  Do have great party and good luck on the cook.  Looking forward to pictures!

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That is sooooo cool........ Happy Birthday to your bride, and good luck on your smoke.

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Happy Birthday to your Misses.What a great party to have so many of your family be there Congrads to you and the wife.Have a great party



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Sounds great. Can I come by the next day for leftovers? If there are any haha

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We always have those foam take out boxes for take home, just grab a box or two.
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Yes tell her we all wish her a happy birthday.Man sounds like you got your work cut out but it sounds like you got lot's of good help :)

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Happy birthday to the little lady!! Hope you get a shot of the pork for some qview
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Sounds like youhave a Stellar Team for your Party. Have a great timeand a big Diamond BD.gif to Mrs.Graywolf.


All of the Oldschool bunch wishes her a Happy-Happy Day and Love from all her loved ones.


Stan . . .

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We both thank you all for your kind wishes,  Taking photo will post. Checked with my butcher and the 18 bone Crown Roast will be ready on Sat.

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How can I get on the guest list? Sounds like a fitting way to celebrate a worthy milestone.

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Well the Pastrami is made and the Crown Roast is in the Brine. Will start smoking at 7 A.M.,Hope my guest will like it.

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Looks awesome already!!
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got off the Birthday Party without a hitch.  The weather was great, the Crown Roast(17 lbs.) took 4 1/2 hours to 145.  In the back of the photo the pastrami is steaming. There were 75 cup cakes.

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A few things I forgot to mention, the way the Crown Roast was cut allowed smoke to get to every slice imparting great flavor. If I just do another 6-7 lb. loin I would open it up in the same manner. The Traeger Jr. with the Ortech  controller worked perfect.  The smoker was set at 225 and stayed within 5-10 degree during the whole "smoke".  Thank you all for looking and your kind comments.



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Wow great job I know you worked hard  how was that Pastrami I been wanting to try that maybe get some pointers from you :)

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Thank you  but I am pretty new to smoking and most of what I know I learned from the experts on this site. I can tell you how I did this Pastrami.  I bought a nice thick corn beef at Costco(it was very lean), then I soaked it for 6 hours in water(in the fridge), changing the water about 4-5 times. I then dried it off and rubbed it with 1 TSp cracked pepper,2 Tsp of Coriander, 2Tsp Brown Sugar,6 cloves of  real garlic, 1 Tsp Caper.  I then wrapped it in plastic wrap put in fridge for 2 days. I smoked it at 250, IT180 degrees and back in the fridge to firm up. The day of the party I sliced it up and steamed it using beer. It was a big "seller", tender and everyone wanted to take some home.

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Looks great .Tell Mrs  Wolf happy birthday . But you kinda went over board because next year will be hard to compete

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Thank you very much I have always liked good pastrami

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