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Checking in for the first time, Fargo, ND

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Hello everyone my name is CCFargo and I am a smokaholic

(everyone) "Hi CC"


Hi, just stumbled onto this site while searching for some advice on building my old hotpoint fridge into a smoker.


It sure looks like there is an ample supply of knowledge here.


I have started to prep my fridge for the overhaul... however... i noticed there is cardboard throughout the fridge acting as insulation...


I know someone out there has knowledge on this issue.... ...   .... 


Will it be a good smoker still or a fire hazard? That is a concern of mine.





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has anyone ever come across a refrigerator that had card board insulation? That is the issue I am up against and I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has any clue whether it will be ok to use as a smoker or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'll just to have to Hello and Welcome, don't know anything about refrigerator smokers, But I am quite sure someone will be along that does.


Gary S

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Great to have you join us CCFargo, welcome1.gif from a fellow North Dakotan!
I live in Fargo/West Fargo for 23 years before moving north of Minot.

I have built a few fridge/smoker conversions, the best choice is to start with a metal lined fridge as this will cut back on the work required. Plastic lined fridges will need the liner taken out which exposes the insulation which is where I am assuming you are at... I have never seen a cardboard insulated fridge, but if the insulation is combustible is will need to be removed or covered by non-combustible material.
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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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