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Smoked bologna

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Well...I want to try my hand at this but not sure how long or what size bologna to go with. I ate some smoked bologna on a biscuit the other day and wanted to make some myself.

Any ideas on size, time and temp?
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Using the search bar will provide you several threads like this one, I think it has the answers to your questions.

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Yes , Piggeater.  I had my first long ago in Saginaw,Texas (on Saginaw Ave. in Ft Worth). This guy had a rotissiere set-up in his Gas Station and kept it turning and heating and adding sauce to it as it cooked. I got there around 2pm and he said it had been on since 6am. 


He started with a full chub(10lb. or so) of Hormel Bologna (Brand does not matter, just a big piece or a whole Chub. No use in scoring it , push an icepick into it over and over to allow Sauce to get into it and flavor it . Sliced on Mrs.Bairds Bread and some Onion and Dill Pickles  and you have a great sandwitch. Enjoy . . .



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Thanks Stan and Nozzleman. Hope to give it a try this weekend. Will post results when I do.
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