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Och Aye The Noo!

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Greetings from Sunny (I mean that it in an ironic way) Scotland!


Ok, first of all I'm not ACTUALLY Scottish, I just live here, I'm from a little town called Stafford in England (near the city of Birmingham and an Aston Villa supporter fro those that know there 'Soccer'). Moved to central Scotland about 6 years ago and its been great up here


Got into smoking about 2 years ago, I wanted a Weber just for BBQ's....then was pointed toward smoking by a friend. Only really done some pulled pork so far but I wanted to branch out so picked up a Trailmaster LE from Costco the other week (anyone with one please please see the thread here and post if you can help me).


Anyway, smoking etc isn't that big across here, BBQ's generally consist of sausages, burgers and chicken legs so I'm wanting to get my smoke on and make some tasty BBQ more than just the usual UK stuff people have so I've come here to get info cause lets be guys rock the BBQ world



All tips gratefully received!

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Hello and welcome from East Texas, looking forward to your future post and pictures. Glad you joined up.


Gary S

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