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Over Heated on Seasoning?

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I have a Masterbuilt smoker/cooker that Cabela's sells. It is a painted (not stainless) propane and charcoal vertical smoker, which can be used as a grill, also.


I fired it up to do the initial burn off yesterday and I wonder if I over did it.


The manual is a bit sketchy on details and just says 2 - 4 hours at 200 degrees and to put a couple chunks of wood in.


I let it get up to 550 degrees and mostly held it around 375. I figured if it was a grill, I should get it a bit hotter than I would grill at.


I gave it a total of about 3 and a half hours.


There was some off white discoloration on the propane burner stand and it still had a little paint smell after I shut it off.


The instructions did not say to oil it, so I didn't. The racks are porcelain coated.


My question is: Did I get it too hot and cause the paint to burn? Should I give it another session until the smell is completely gone?




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Doyle, don't get upset. You followed MB's instructions, it was their mis-leading that caused the problems. 1st., you'll never need to cook at 550*F , 350*F is high enough. Just re-season with any Pam , Veggie Oil , etc. , then heat to 350*F for and hour and if possible  2nd , cook a Pork Butt in it to get some real grease on it.


Your discolored parts can be remedied with some steel wool and a can of high-temp. paint.(Wally World).


It sounds like you have a problem with patience... heed my matra and as I always say . . .

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Thanks, Old School,

My Grand Pa always said "If a little bit is good, then a whole lot more is better." So, I applied that logic to the burn off. I won't be so aggressive when there is food in it. 


All the discoloration is on the outside. So, I think it is fine. Touching up the discolored spots might be a good idea for rust prevention, though.


I have some fish lined up for the first smoke, but a butt might be next.




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