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Hello from Mike in Bushwood Md.

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Hi, I am new to the forum, but have been smoking for some years now. I like the format and the friendly environment here. Hope to learn some new tricks from you all. Also wanted to add a pic of the smoker cart I am working on at present. She is under primer right now and still have items to add to complete it. It will have to smaller tongue mounted smoke pits as well.







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Welcome to SMF Mike! Looks like you got a heck of a smoker there. Post up some more pictures- we would love to see how you have it set up.

Enjoy the Smoke!
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I will keep it up to date as I get further along. I mainly will use it to help a buddy with his catering business, but we are going to enter the backyard  competition in the KCBS challenge here in August as well. Thanks

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Hello and welcome, neat smoker, looking forward to seeing more pics.


Gary S

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Hello, Mike. I've never heard of Bushwood, MD. What county are you in? Please share some info about the August competition -- Frank and I would love to attend and cheer you on (and eat!).grilling_smilie.gif

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The competition is being held at the St. Mary's county fair grounds near Patuxent River Naval station. I have attached a link:

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