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Kevin in Olathe, Kansas

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Hello Folks,


New to the smoking game this week. The rig in the attachment fell into my lap this weekend, and after a little cleanup, intend to dive in next weekend. It's one of the older, heavier gauge OK Joe's that was liberated by a divorce liquidation sale. The cook-chamber is about 39".  It needs a new cover, a couple of thermometers, and a bit of elbow grease, but I'm looking forward to it. I've been looking at the mods that others have made to similar rigs and will be studying them quite closely.


I think I'll be smoking chicken's and ribs to start with, and move into some of the longer cooks as the summer wears on.


I'm excited to be here and look forward to sharing my results with everybody.


Kevin v/d Does

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Looks like the photo was too big the first time:




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Welcome to the board, Kevin! Sounds like a "saved from the crusher" scenario. Good idea to start with chx.


One trick with an unfamiliar pit: bring it up to temp then put slices of cheap white bread all around the rack to see your heat distribution shown in their various rates of toasting.

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My pic is not showing in the post, from my browser. Can anyone else see it? What am I missing?

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Hey Kevin, welcome to the site, sounds like you found a deal, post some pic's when you get it done.


Gary S

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Here we are fresh from the body shop. Now if I could get life out of my way, I might be able to start the fire.
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