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First official smoke!

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First thanks to all here for the wonderful information!  Now on to yesterdays first smoke.  The menu consisted of two, 2lbs pork loins.  One with rub and one with mahagony sauce.  Mac and cheese along with Dutch's 'mild' Wicked beans.  Then we topped it off with strawberries and whipped cream.  My equipment was an el cheapo Char-Broil that I added a Wok to, to hold the coals, and also sealed it with Green Egg felt tape. My smoke was apple and temp was 225ish.  Cooked low and slow  for around two hours.  Everyone loved it even my picky son who normally will not eat anything but chicken.  Thanks again and looking forward to my next smoke


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Nicely done. The plate looks great...JJ

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Looks great OXLion...nice job!  Thumbs Up



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Looks great. Keep it up!Thumbs Up

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Nice meal , keep posting yummies like that.


Have fun and . . .

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