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Thinking of moving to New Jersey from South Carolina

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I just got the offer to move to New Jersey and I was wondering what differences I'm looking at? What kinda jobs maybe available.
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As they joke in NJ - Yeah? What exit?

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Not really for sure, the idea got pitched to me from my cuz last night, still figureing out the details
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Sometimes I think NJ is the USA's best-kept secret. People think Sopranos and smokestacks, but it's called the Garden State for a reason.

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That's promising
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If it's a good opportunity, then go for it. Nothing's forever, so if you don't like it you can always move back. Personally, having lived in the mid-Atlantic for most of my life, I'd definitely take SC over NJ, but everybody's different. Jersey does have a wonderful coast and some really beautiful country.

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if you are staying south of Trenton, that's a nice area of NJ,  north of there, the closer you get to NYC, it gets really crowded and polluted.  I used to live and work up there,  lived in the NJ burbs and worked in Jersey City, drove through the dumps every day.

I got outta there the next year.

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I'm a born and bred Jersey Boy...There is every type of job available from Farming to any kind of Manufacturing you can imagine. Most Trade Jobs are Unionized. Overall a great place to live with the exception of southern Passaic County, Essex, Hudson and Union Counties. The biggest down side is Property Taxes are RIDICULOUSLY HIGH!  My Mom has a 1600 sqft Ranch, built in 1960, on a 100 X 75ft Lot in a quite neighborhood in Piscataway township, Middlesex County , she pays $5000 a year. Cost of living is above average for the US and the cost of housing is high as well. Just about any 3 bedroom, 1 Bath house, even in crappy shape, starts at $170K...If I could afford to live there, I'd move back in a Heart Beat!...JJ

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Don't forget it gets cold in the winter there.

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Yeah, they get a lot more snow than the Carolina's but it is also cooler in the summer than in the south. It is nice to have 4 Seasons of moderate weather. One other benefit is from Central NJ if you drive 40 minutes north east you are in NYC, 40 minutes south you are at the Beach or at Englishtown Raceway for National Drag Racing events, 40 minutes north you are in the rolling hill country for Hunting and there are several Lakes for Fishing and 40 minutes west is the PA border. You can never be bored. There are also many ethnic neighborhood with a great variety of ethnic restaurants...JJ

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I must say there is some great food in Jersey. It is the Diner State. :icon_biggrin:

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Thanks guys lol you gave me a lot to think on
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I live in NYC so don't know a whole lot about NJ but there really are a great wide variety of cultures, landscapes and things to do up here. Close to the beach, skiing in Poconos, hiking, rivers, NYC, Atlantic City, more food than you thought possibly existed. Plus, this area is dense, which can be a negative but also so close to other cities like Philly, Baltimore, DC, New England etc.

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