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Smoked chili

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I'm going to whip up some chili (basic scratch recipe). Any recommendations on temp and smoking time? Thanks

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I guess a lot would depend on what is in the chili.  Are the vege's already cooked or sauteed, or is there meats or beans that would need to be cooked.  Just as a point of reference...yesterday I put on a 8 x 12 inch pan of canned Pork n Beans (already cooked ) that I added some raw onions and bell peppers with and a few other spices.  I put it in the smoker for 2 & 3/4 hours at around 250 degrees....and it was way over cooked.  I could have taken it out at about 2 hours or slightly less and would have been perfect (which I normally do and have in the past), but got lazy on this cook and watching the other things going on in the smoker.    


So I would think a couple of hours max would work if everything is pretty well already cooked up !!

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I usually smoke up what meat im using hamburger for instance ill smoke for a cpl hrs around 250

the veggies ill usually throw them in a cast iron duch oven cook tell almost dune throw in the beans untill tender mix the hamburger in with everything else in the dutch oven place the dtch oven eith the lid off back into the smoker give it bought 30 minn,,,,,,reall low temp lots of smoke ,,,,,,, usually turns out great


good luck

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Thanks Buck and Bigcup. The way I'm doing this is fully cooking the chili over stove top like normal, then putting it in the smoker. So, I'm guessing about 90 minutes constant smoke at about 250. Sound about right? I'll sure to post a couple pics. 

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Should work - don't forget to stir occasionally to get the smoke incorporated.
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