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good deal?

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$7 for one?
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What is it and how will you use it? For instance, Apple, Oak, Hickory or Maple, that will be used in Chunks for smoking...Yes a good deal.


If you are a Stick Burner, you should be able to do better. Here is a place to start or Google Wood for Sale in Genesee County NY for others...JJ



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Yeah it is oak maple apple hickory and cherry
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I usually get about 30 splits for $10 from my tree guy. Hickory, oak and pecan usually.

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The same woods cut in chunks at Home Depot is same price for 5Lb. That looks like more than 5 Lb....JJ

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Looks like about 15 in there for 7 so that's close to 30 for ten
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The chunks at HD or Loews are usually very dry and of unknown age.

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

The chunks at HD or Loews are usually very dry and of unknown age.

I'm not suggesting buying from HD or Lowes. I was pointing out that the bundles look like much more for the same price. A good value...JJ

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I was on the same page as you JJ thanks
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I know JJ. Didn't want him to get the idea he should buy smoking wood there.

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There has to be a tree trimming service close by. They will sometimes sell the choice Wood after trimming. I have an older retired man that makes extra money buy splitting wood and selling. I can get a truck bed full for $40.
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Where you from brooksy NY is going broke tough times everyone trying to make a buck however they can. You probably still need to season it after you get it? I don't have much room to store it
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Nope seasoned 6 months to a year. I live in North central Florida. I live on the acres in the woods so no problem with space to store my wood
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Yeah I'll have that someday right now right in the village
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Just clear out a closet and store your wood in there!!
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I wish short on that 1200 feet for 3 of us and a 115lbs doberman and my shed has been taken over by my wife's Halloween decorations

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Ahhhhh not the decorations!! My ex wanted all kinds of decorations for every holiday. Was such a pain.
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Halloween is her thing. I allow this only because it is fun for the kids.
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OK for the kids is acceptable. I have two boys so can understand what we go through to make them happy. I have my wood on a make shift stand right now when I buy a welder I'm going to make a better more permanent one. Maybe that's an option for you?
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Possible I have an old royal oak charcoal grill that the bottom rotted out on would like to turn it into a smoker with the extra offset box I have. Might be above my talent though
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