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Babybacks for mom!!!

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First off happy Mother's Day to all the moms gracing these forums! There'd be no hillbillyrockstar without my mama! Love you mom!

So for Mother's Day I'm smoking some babybacks for my momma, and also a slab for my buddies mom down the road. I'll drop off her slab on the way to my parents house.

ribs on the barrel around 1130am. Hickory/cherry wood and charcoal.

bacon, sausage, bell, and jalapeño peppers mean it's time to construct some ABTs!

ABTs in the mes. Using amazn and apple pellets.

threw some chops on about an hour and a half in so I could cut them up and add them to the baked beans. Just over a pound of pork goodness mixed with a pound of bacon should make sir some good beans!!

ABTs were finished (I'll bbq sauce them, and char them later to finish them off before going to moms) so I decided to smoke the beans. First time smoking beans here. Wish me luck!
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Looks awesome, gonna have some happy Mamas ! icon14.gif
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yumm  mom's a lucky lady,   and well your friends down the road...super lucky.  Just looked great.  We finished our moms day ribs w/bourbon-bacon sauce,  big hit here.  Dang that looked good over your way 8)

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I'm a HUGE bourbon fan! And if your American you have love bacon!!! So bourbon/bacon sauce sounds awesome! Is it homemade? If so mind sharing?
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smoked beans of goodness

some cedar plank salmon on the weber just for S&G's.

finished slab of ribs after saucing.

All in all a good day smoking meat, and a good Mother's Day.

Again happy Mother's Day ladies!
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Looks like some good chewin ya had there !
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