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At a smoking crossroads

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Hello, Ive been smoking for a few years now and I thought I would introduce myself. I'm in South Texas, Near Mexico. Brisket is kinda my thing. I've got a Chargriller Wranger model that I put a SFB on. It's lasted me about 5 years. A few seasons ago I did some mods. I caulked the seams, built a charcoal basket, brought the exhaust to grate level, and repainted. Well It's had about 150 lbs of lump through it and its either time to fix it up again, buy another COS, or buy or build a EOS.


I want an Offset reverse flow smoker from casing 20" x 42 with a 20" x 18 firebox. I really didn't want to go over $400.00 so maybe I'll do a UDS.


Anyway nice to meet ya'll. Here is some meat porn from my last few cooks.






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Welcome to the board! I look forward to beating the crap out of my smoker like you have.

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This is what I'm about 60% sure I want to do.

 Reverse flow with 1/4 casing.



[url=,40,0,0,0,0,13188.00,4396.00&fb=0,0,0,20,20,6283.00,4396.00,142.9&ch=4,314.15,25.01&fi=0,0,5,18.85,0.96&fc=8.00,11.31,50.26]Link to BBQ Pit Calculator[/url]

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Hello and welcome to the site. I have an RF and really like mine


Gary S

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Well I haven't sourced my materials yet but the cook must go on!


New Ash Pan...Hopefully I can get as much time out of it.


I tested it out tonight in grill mode I can flip it for baffle mode to smoke.  

I took chicken breast seasoned with Don Juan's Lemon Pepper then threw in a bag with mayo for a few hours. Started a fire with Mesquite and grilled it hot. ....Good dinner. Pan held up.




Kids swam in the pool, had dinner on the patio, and made the kids say grace. 

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