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Howdy From Texas!

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New member here...

I'm Andrew. I'm from Fort Worth, Texas. I've been smoking meats for about 5 years. I'm interested in constructing a brick backyard smoker and I struck upon this forum while looking for info and plans for one.

I am by no means an expert at the art of smoking but I do make awesome whole smoked turkeys and I'm good with ribs and briskest.

I hope to gain info, insight, tips, and secrets from those of you who are master smokers while cruising and perusing this forum.

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Welcome Andrew!  Glad you found SMF.  I'm sure there are folks here who can give you a hand and a myriad of ideas for your brick smoker.


Since you've been smoking meat for 5 years I promise you are closer to an expert than you believe.  Awesome smoked turkeys, ribs, and brisket are quite a resume!  Folks are happy to share what they've done so and please contribute your experience when folks ask how to smoke a turkey, rib, or brisket.


Happy Mother's Day and enjoy your project.



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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Hey Andrew, welcome to the site. There are some brick builds on here. I followed one that was very good step by step and turned out beautiful .


Gary S

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Thanks for putting out the welcome mat. I look forward to becoming an active member here. I'll post up a few pics of my wares the next time I fire up and I'll give a few details on the preparations I do before putting the fat in the fire. Hopefully the end product will look as appetizing as a lot of the photos posted herein.

Gary, which build did you follow? Can you shoot me a link to it?

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Hey Andrew, I guess I said it wrong, I just followed the build, I didn't build a brick smoker. We did build a RF.  I'll try to find the link and post it for you.


Gary S

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Hey Andrew, here is one, if you will type "brick smokers" in search it will pull up quite a few.





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