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Lang 36" Covers

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Hey guys. I just moved to a new house, and I lost my Land 36" storage area. My pit is currently on my back patio, and I hate to see it sitting out in the weather. Does anyone know of a place that I can purchase a pit cover for my smoker? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!! - Kris - Sulphur, La.

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I don't know which Lang 36 model you have but I have a Lang 36 patio. Home Depot sells a cover that works. It's a "Char-Broil Heavy Duty XL Smoker Grill Cover" model #4784960P, which sells for $29.97. Originally, I looked at car covers, ATV covers and canvas tarps -- none worked. For $30 you can't go wrong --  if you have a Lang 36 patio. 

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