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Hickory Smoked Whole Beer Butt Chicken on Smokin-it Model 2

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Hello everyone this is my first post even though I'm pretty familiar with bbq. I usually use my homemade pit but I got lazy and ordered a model 2 smokin-it about a month ago and I literally can't get enough. I've done baby backs, pork loin, and some twice smoked taters so far, but I did a chicken today and I feel that it's my official duty to let everyone try this. This is one of the best chickens I've had. Period.


Hickory Smokin-it Electric Smoked Chicken


Recipe for a single 4 ½ pound whole chicken.


Rinse chicken thoroughly in cold water, remove giblets


Brine in a mixture of 1 gallon water, 1 cup kosher salt, 2/3 cup white sugar,  ½ T garlic powder, ¼ cup olive oil, ½ t sage, ½ t rosemary



Brine overnight or longer in fridge (12 hrs+)

Pull out of brine and rinse thoroughly under cold water.


Pat dry with paper towels.


Rub with entire bird with olive oil and your bbq rub or a light dusting of lawrys seasoning salt.


Ram a beer can up it’s a$$ and use the chicken legs to prop the bird up vertically on the smoker grate. I rinse out an empty pepsi can and fill half full with apple juice. In reality, you can use a half full can of almost anything.....allowing you to drink the other half.


Set smoker temperature to 250F.


Smoke using 2 hickory chunks total- one goes in immediately, another after an hour. BE CAREFUL and use heavy duty mits when pulling out the firebox.  I am using the hickory dowels right from Smokin-it. Approx 1 ½” diameter x 3” long each.  They weigh roughly 2 oz each.


Run until chicken is at about 155-160 in the breast. (Total smoke and cook time of about 3-4 hours)


Pull off smoker and grill over direct coals a few minutes per side or until temp hits 165 in breast and 165-175 in the thickest part of the thigh  and skin is crispy. You will get flareups due to grease. Watch closely.


Rest 15 minutes in foil.



Section and serve. (Look up a carving video on youtube if you haven’t done it before. )


Marvel at the awesomeness.  Makes an incredible chicken salad when cold as well.


Fall apart goodness!


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Looks like money!
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Wow..that looks so good. Gotta do some chicken soon.
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I could use some of that. Great looking bird. 


I regret that you are addicted to smoking though. There is no cure. You are doomed to smoke and make great food.




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I've been experimenting with brines. It really keeps the meat moist.
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This is the first time I brined a bird. I'll never go without it again.

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Looks awsome!
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Nice food....wish I had a smell app!


Glad you like your #2. I have both a #2 and a #3 and use them constantly. Not only is it a fine smoker, but also makes an excellent warming oven when having a large party!



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LOVE my SI #2.  Got a Butt in it right NOW!!!



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When will they invent 3D computer monitors with Smell-O and Taste-O Vision?

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