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Rub overnight ?

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Do you think there is any advantage of putting rub on my ribs today for a smoke tomorrow? Or is same day just the same?
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There is a flavor difference. the longer the rub is on the meat the more time for osmosis. The salt in your rub penetrates the meat and takes the rest of the flavors with it. So yes.

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Rub today and fridge overnight. then another dusting of rub right before going on the smoker,

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Awesome! Thanks guys! I will do just that. I have a batch of Magic Dust all ready!👍
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X 3...If you have the space, time and remember to do it, adding the rub a couple 2-3 days ahead just keeps the flavor building. I have tried, rubbing just before smoking and 1 or more days ahead and there is a much better flavor the longer it sits...JJ

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Thanks. Very excited to make a couple racks tomorrow for my wife for Mothers Day! Using the Smokenator for the first time using Kingsford Blue
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[IMG][/IMG Rub on! Smoking tomorrow 😜😄👍
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