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Smoking wood

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Anyone have a clue where i can get smoking hard wood around green bay, WI???
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Just try calling one of the firewood sellers in your area and ask if they stock wood for cooking or know someone who does.

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Firewood dealers, and if you have any BBQ joints around ask them, 


Gary S

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If you know your trees , cruise around after a storm and ask the tree choppers if you might have some of the wood for BBQ . Then , if you know them or at least one offer to do some Ribs for their trouble , you'll get more than you expected , but don't turn it away , share the wealth with a friend or co-hort.


Roll-up your sleeves , we're all in this together.


Have fun and . . .

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Ok thanks guys i actually get some from two suppliers now just by driving by n asking!
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:cool: , see :icon_exclaim:  Being a 'PITA' works sometimes .

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Thanks yall
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I've found luck on craigslist.  I've had to pay for my loads, but have developed a pretty good stock of cherry and red oak.  I toss in a few hickory chunks every now and then that I got at a local grocer - Western Woods Products is the brand I believe.  I got my wood from craigslist for about $70 per truck load.  I don't mind since a truck load will last a while if I'm just using it in my smoker.  Cheaper than charcoal...  The price of firewood will vary by region.


If you check the 'free' section of craigslist, a lot of times folks will post free firewood if you are willing to come cut it up - usually a fallen tree or branches in their yard.  Most of the ones I've seen around here though have been pine, or just nasty looking rotten wood.

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