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Turkey ribs

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I was recently in St. Louis and stopped at one of those run down, scared to walk in there BBQ places (which let me know I was in for some good Q) and tried turkey ribs. I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm still trying to figure out if I can go to a market and buy these, or do I have to buy a turkey and cut them out. Anyone in Iowa region ever seen these anywhere?
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Never heard of these. Can you describe the dish?

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 Restaurants use millions of boneless turkey breasts a year. Looks like somebody got smart and and found a way to make money on all those rib cages that went for processing for dog food and base, soup, etc. I have not seen these available any where but this makes sense. One of my favorite parts of Thanks Giving is picking the carcass the next day. Biting the meat off the bones is one of the tastiest parts, so this seems like a great idea. I would suggest checking with local Turkey Farmers that process and not just raise their birds under contract for the big companies. Or check these guys out. ...JJ

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There is a Soul Food restaurant in Charlotte that used to sell them.

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How many turkey rib cages does it take to make a meal ? How much meat can there be on a turkey rib ? I would like to see pics of this.I have had turkey 1 time in over 10 years.Turkey is not real big here and the last one I saw for sale was $100 it was still walking around. $100 and I still would of had to clean it and cook it I passed.



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You can get them at Disneyworld, not sure about Disneyland. I have never seen them sold in the store anywhere.
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Was searching for a thread on these as my brother in law was telling me a soul food place here in Pittsburgh does them.  I googled and found a distributor. This guy even has a patent on the cut.

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They aren't using turkey rib cages to make this product.  They are using the wing / bone-in scapula to do it.  "turkey ribs" is a marketing term.

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