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Where to get good tender packer brisket in Buffalo, NY area

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Other than Sam's club (not a member).
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Hello. IMHO a packer brisket is pretty much a packer brisket. No matter where you buy it.  A packer brisket is a certain cut of meat and trimmed in a certain way.  NOW!  SOME butchers DO have a better quality of beef than others.  If you are thinking of Sam's Club  then you are talking the basic cheap packer brisket.  The cooking process makes it tender.  Many competition folks use wagyu beef but again IMHO any choice packer brisket will deliver fantastic results if cooked properly.  Other folks may have a different opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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I was just googling the same thing after some legwork this week. I'm relatively new to smoking and had been getting my brisket from Wegmans. They usually have full brisket in the 6-8 lb range @ $6-7 a lb. I drove to many local places in search of bigger and cheaper (per lb) cuts. Here's my findings... Id love to hear input from others....

Bj's seems to sell the exact same stuff as wegmans, Excel stamped on the package, usda choice 6-8 lbs at around $6 a lb.

Dashes was out of stock when I checked, will check back

Federal only had flats with the point removed, untrimmed was $8 a lb I believe, and hand trimmed was $9... don't get a brisket for smoking from them.

Topps - checked multiple stores, all were out of stock, probably will not check back.

Walmart had flats for $8 a lb and had what appeared to be regular packers at $3 a lb but were all out. I will definitely check back here next time I'm looking...
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Walmart is where I go, cause they are the only one who carries a full brisket around here.
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Was back in walmart last week, their packers are the same brand as wegmans, exel. Sizes were much larger though, wegmans only carries 6-8 pounders, the all seemed to be around 10 or larger at walmart. At $3 a pound though, I assume this is because they aren't trimmed and might trim down closer to 8 lbs. Definitely going to Walmart for my next brisket though.

On somewhat related note, where are people getting their ribs? I picked up a a couple of untrimmed packs of spare ribs from Walmart for the 4th, didn't notice it at the time but they were in an 8% basting solution that seems to leave them really salty. I hate paying wegmans prices for a trimmed rack though.

I'm also transitioning into smoking with hardwood logs rather than lump charcoal and wood chunks, anyone have any good places for sourcing wood? Again, Wegmans carries hardwood bundles that don't contain any pine or mildew and are kiln dried, but I have to figure there's a better place....
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Is the one from Walmart whole packer brisket? Which Walmart? The one near Premium Outlets didn't have any.
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Seems every time I've been wanting to pick one up whatever store I'm at is out.  Saw some flats at BJ's over the weekend, but I didn't want one right now so I passed (didn't look at the price).


I've been getting some nice ribs at BJ's.  Picked up some back ribs last week and smoked them on Saturday, had family in from out of town and everyone was impressed.  Very meaty, at $3.29 / lb.

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The new Walmart on Sheridan is the one I've been going to, they had a TON of brisket when I was in there last Thursday.

Ill have to check out BJ's for ribs, ill definitely be smoking more within the next two weeks.
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Hey Jclae,

Have you checked out Hoelscher's in Kenmore?  They are usually at least a $1 cheaper per pound from Wegman's, Bj's, or Dash's.  I pretty much get all my meats there.

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I haven't, but will definitely check it out for next time, thanks for the heads up!

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I purchased a 9lb. brisket on Thursday for $5.00/lb.  Very pretty looking brisket I might add with lots of flex and a nice marble.

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Doesn't look like it's worth the drive from Toronto 'burbs.
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If you have any latin markets you can look there, that was my goto when I lived in DC. Middle Eastern markets also have good meat but not 100% sure about brisket.

If you have a real good Jewish deli you may be able to talk them into selling you one. Most places get the corned beef already done but if ypu have ole school one that makes it from scratch they will have brisket.

Outside of that if you are looking at national chains it is going to be hard to beat Sams or Costco. If you talk to the butcher most grocery stores can order you one, but you are taking a gamble on what you are going to get.

The last packer I got from costco was 12 lbs. The last one from a latin grocery store was 17 a I have gotten a 24 lb one before
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Try local restaurants, sometimes they can order them for you by the case.
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Wegman's meat counter. Ask the Butcher to make one for you if they don't have them out.

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Sloan Super Market in Cheektowaga is the only place I buy mine.

Just picked up a 16 lbs whole Brisket.

$3.99 lb everyday, they will even let you pick your meat out.

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