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I was wondering what the best heat source is to use and what one hold heat the longest?



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Loads of opinions on this one. Many prefer the lump for purity and wood would be traditional bar b que. Briquettes are easy but can be loaded with nasty stuff, especially the cheap ones. I try to use only Kingsford Competition available at the Costco here for a decent price. It has no additives or fillers etc and burns well. Of course, most, IMO ?, will use charcoal and their choice of fruitwood for the smoke
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Chef Willie is right, lot's of opinions on here, The Kingsford Comp product is great! We choose to use mainly good quality Oak stick with hickory for flavor. On really long cooks, I opt for High Quality Lump because it has very little ash and a great taste!

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Hello and welcome, They will all work, in charcoal stay with the better and competition brands when using wood be sure and use seasoned. I use Lump charcoal and wood splits most of the time, every once in a while when Lowe's or Home Depot run Kingsford Blue bag on sale I'll stock up, But really prefer Lump.


Gary S

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They're all great depending on the situation. I'd have to say my all 'round favorite if I had to choose would be a good, dense all natural briquette. Stubbs or Trader Joe's brand are 2 good ones. The briquettes are usually smaller than Kingsford, but weigh about twice as much. They heat well, last a really long time and don't produce much ash. Plus there aren't all the funky additives, just vegetable starch as a binder.

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I usually use Royal Oak Lump. Have had good results with it.

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I will generally use Coal for my heat source Royal Oak or Kingsford Comp (as the others have stated) and then use chunks or rounds (if I have cut them up myself) of Apple, or Hickory.
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Royal oak lump and few chunks of fruit wood worked best for me.

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Hey Carmen



You'll get a lot more answers if you post on Blowing Smoke around the smoker  Forun

Just me saying



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