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Smoked reverse seared ribeyes! (Q-view)

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I've done the reverse sear many times in the oven and range, so it wasn't long into my smoking kick this year where I had to try it in the smoker.


Started with some nice thick 1.5inch aged ribeyes, 1tsp kosher salt

per side and let sit overnight in fridge.


In smoker @200F w/ a mix of hickory/cherry/apple that I've really 

come to like for beef.


Pulled @ IT 110, took about 45min. And onto my gas grill sear burner

because I don't have a rippin hot charcoal grill to sear over (shame on me

gonna have to fix that). Seared about 3min per side for a nice hard sear,

IT was about 128F after searing.





Perfect. Smoke flavor was good but didn't overpower the nice beef

flavor. Definately a repeat on this one.



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Looks good ,must be something in the air today I also did reverse sear. Instead of wasting more coals I add a few to the FB and sear mine there.

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