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UDS burn

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Hi guys. I was thinking of building my first UDS and have almost an unlimited supply of them at work. Only problem is they hold hydraulic fluid. Is it possible to do a burn out on it to make it safe to smoke some brisket? Thanks for any advice!

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Clean it good with a strong soap and plenty of water burn nice and hot and repeat. Should be fine. just remember its illegal in most places to burn oil or residue so it needs to be soaked up in rags and properly disposed of before you start the wash. Simple green is a harsh cleaner to start with. However don't just listen to me, The pros here are a lot smarter than me.

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Thankya! Glad you mentioned soaking up the oil before burning.

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Be careful with the burnout. My neighbor and I burned out a drum once and didn't have it sitting on top of blocks. Well long story short we kind of - accidentally started a lawn fire.

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Where I live we can use oil as a starter fluid for fires when buring yard debris.. So may want to look into what you can do with it. Maybe you can empty it at a center or something. And as mentioned before when bruning them out, make sure they are above the ground or on dirt, so ya dont catch your yard on fire. Get the fire really hot after cleaning it also.

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