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pork chop help

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i tried this post in roll call but maybe i should try here. I just got back from hog hunting. When they processed my hog the pork chops were done boneless and about an inch thick. My question can I stack two together and tie them to make them thicker and smoke longer for a better end product. Or should I just smoke single 1 inch chops less time ?

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I have never done what you are asking. There are those I have seen on here who have brined then smoked but mine always come out dry so I just grill the chops and throw some wood chips in the coals while grilling. But that's just me.

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Thanks for the help
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A quick brine might help, maybe a bacon wrap, my biggest suggestion is after you apply your rub even if only salt and pepper, just before throwing on the grill rub those suckers down with brown sugar. It will liquefy, then on eth smoker it will caramelize making a hard candy shell which will help keep the moisture in the pork. If the fire is too hot it will burn, but it usually works and adds a small sweet taste to the pork.


If grilling I use a mixture of apple vinegar and melted butter to mop when I turn the meats.


I bet whatever you do its good, as long as you don't over cook pork its really hard to hurt it.


Good luck with it.

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I wouldn't stack mine. I'd do them individually and indirect heat slow. Possibly wrap some bacon for added moisture to them. It would scare me to see what the middle temp would be of the stacked chops. I'd think the outsides would be crisp and middle not done.
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