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Mullberry for smoking?

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My neighbor just cut down a mullberry tree in his yard. Is this wood any good for smoking as it is a fruitwood? Haven't heard of anyone using it!
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Yup it sure is! Smoked some cheddar with it and it was lights out! I liked it more than the other woods I've used on cheddar.

Sadly I don't have any, but my friend Stan has a tree and had used it on more than just cheese. Hopefully he will see this post and chime in.

I'd guess its good on poultry as most fruit woods are.
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All day long and twice on Tuesdays. 

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Yep Mulberry is right up there with Cherry for cheese for me..I thought the color of the cheese rockstar and I smoked was a little lighter then Smokes I did with Cherry.  I like to mix Mulberry with Hickory for Ribs.  Free mulberry is a great find..Congrats



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