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seasoned potatoes

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We buy the "ore ida grillers" potatoes. We love them. They are sliced and seasoned. I lay them right on the grate to cook while the meat is cooking.

Thought I would ask if anyone has a seasoned tater recipe.  Why buy them if I can make them, right?


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No one has any recipes?

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Does it have to be cooked on the grill? We like potatoes lyonnaise. You cook them on stove/oven but they are a perfect side for steak, roasts, ribs.
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No it don't have to be done on the grill.


Anything that can be done in the oven can be done on the grill thou.

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Here it is:
Cut potatoes in half discs 3/8" thick. Parboil them. Caramelize onion in butter or bacon grease if Mrs. Farmer agrees.
Build a cake alternating potatoes (sprinkled with rosemary, thymes and spices) and caramelized onion. Start and finish with potatoes and have some butter or grease at the bottom. Bake at 400 until top layer is nice and golden.

I hope you will like it.
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Simple rosemary potatoes and i  also like fried potatoes in CI skillet with bacon and sweet onions...sprinkled with rosemary, S&P

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This is how I make my roast potatoes, goes well with just about anything. Tweak the herbs/spices to your tastes.

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