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I’ve never used a Mr Beer kit but I've heard of them. When I first started I used extract kits that consisted of crushed grain, dry malt extract, liquid malt extract, hops, and yeast. With those you did your boil or brew. You can make a pretty decent beer with extract but nothing like all grain. All grain is what I have done for the past several years. I crush my own grain and brew exactly as a brewery would, just on a smaller scale. This gives me the ability to brew a beer just as good as any brewery. Often times I try a beer I really like and I start working on a clone recipe. Usually within a few tries it’s hard to tell the difference between what I brewed and the store bought one. From what I understand the Mr Beer kit has basically everything in a can, sort of like a beer concentrate you mix with water and ferment, no boil or actual brew. I don’t want to sound critical but I can’t see that being very good. I would compare it to a just add water soda extract compared to a CocaCola. It may be drinkable and it may give you an idea if you want to continue the hobby and upgrade. Usually when people are first starting out I recommend a starter kit like the one linked below and at least a seven gallon stainless steel pot.


Also, a great book for beginners is How To Brew by John Palmer. You can buy a copy or read the entire book online. Hope this helps. Cheers!

Thanks for the links HopVol!  I am interested in getting into this hobby, not like I need more hobbies!  :rolleyes:



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So I started out with a Mr. Beer kit several years ago. Brewed a few of their recipes, and joined their forum at


After a while, and reading the forum, I started to experiment with adding hops and other add-ons from their site to see how it affected the recipes.


Then they changed the forum, and alienated most of the users, so we moved to 

where a bunch of longtime Mr. Beer folks still hang out.


I now understand Mr. Beer has reopened the forum, and the community seems to be getting back to the level of knowledge sharing it used to have.

I also note via emails I still get form Mr. Beer they have started adding the option to add specialty steeping grains to their recipes, which was the second step in my evolution, so hopefully there is some good info on how to best utilize that option on their forums now.


I eventually switched to doing all-grain via brew-in-a-bag (BIAB), but due to too many household projects haven't brewed in a while.


As HopVol said, the Palmer book is a great way to understand exactly what is going on in the brewing process.


Also, if you happen to have a Home Brew Store in your area, it's worth a trip there just to poke around, ask questions etc. Maybe eventually start buying extracts and hops from them for your own recipes.

The Mr. Beer fermentors (Little Brown Kegs LBKs) make great simple fermentors for small experimental batches as well.


Good luck, have fun and remember, at the end of the day, you're making beer!

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Originally Posted by mike5051 View Post

Thanks for the links HopVol!  I am interested in getting into this hobby, not like I need more hobbies!  :rolleyes:



I hope you enjoy it. SlySmoke brought up a good point about talking to the people at your local home brew store. I know at least one store here in Nashville that does home brew classes for beginners. I'll also add, check out your local home brew club. The club I'm in does Big Brew Days a couple times a year where we all get together and brew. We eat, drink, and make a day of it. Its a great opportunity for beginners to come out and help or just watch and learn.

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I have thought of it and looked heavily into it before I put it aside. Like people have said - theres so many good brews around, and I enjoy going to a brewery and discussing beers with the people.

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