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I love the Mahogany color... Peach wood should give it a nice 'sweetish'  flavor- (for you knuckleheads that's Sweet-ish  , not the country)...geeze .th_HaHAAHaa.gif

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It tasted good. The white meat was little dry, it cooked a little faster than the dark. Next time I will butterfly (or spatchcock) the bird to get a more even cook. I made up a gravy from the leftover dripping that helped moisten that whit meat up. But overall, I was pleased. Thanks for the kind words, means a lot coming from guys that are vets at this.


Looked good to me.  On mine, I brine turkeys for 5 days (many here say you don't need to go that long, but we did two side by side with one brined for 5 days and one for only 3 days and you can definately tell the difference).  I then inject breasts with butter before smoking.  And most importantly (I think) is I always smoke by birds (chickens and turkeys) breasts down.  That way juices drip down into the breast meat the whole time while cooking.  Following these steps, unless I overcook the birds, I never have dry breasts.


Great job.

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Great Idea. Thank You!!!
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2 questions as I'm gonna do my 1st turkey on the 4th:


I noticed that you cooked yours in a pan.  Is that the preferred way to cook a turkey?

I also read somewhere to take it off when the breast meat gets to 165, is that the best temp?


Mike B

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I'm not sure if the pan is the "preferred" way. It made it a lot easier for me. They turkey was really good, but the next time I do one, I will be butter flying the bird, or spatchcocking. As for the temp yes they say 165. I go a bit higher. Always do for poultry. That's just me. I've seen spatchcocked birds before and I think this will give a more even cook. If you do a search on this site you will see many examples. Hope this helps. Good Luck!!!
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