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Now I'm not a totally idiot when smoking "free stuff" for other people.


I held back a "little bit" for Deb and I to have one dinner with.

After all..., I had to try it out to see just how good, or bad, I'd done. Right?  The only thing I did wrong, was not holding more back for us. LOL


I wanted to see how it turned out in a dinner after slicing, vac packing, freezing, thawing and warming.  That's a lot to ask of meat to still be good sometimes.

But I was very happy with results.  Not quite as good as it was just after resting, and still hot.  As we all know, fresh off the cooker and resting is always best tasting.

Last night I made our dinner with it. Wonderful, juicy, very tender, and not fatty. (I had trimmed off excess fat after slicing) Left just enough on for flavor.

I have had brisket in restaurants a few times, and never cared for the fatty grey stuff they served.
I have never tasted brisket, or roast beef, like this in my life!

Neither had Deb.  She had smoked brisket at Cabela's in Nebraska when her and Larry (Step Dad) were driving home from CO. after her moms death.  It was in bbg sauce, and pretty good, but didn't have the flavor this did, without the sauce. I think she and I are both converts now. LOL

Sorry, no photo's of dinner with garlic mashed Yukon Gold's, gravy from juice, and roasted carrots. (I forgot to do the garlic green beans, darn it!)
Once those slices hit our plates, and looked so good, my mind said grab the camera!  And my belly said, "shut up and eat"!     My belly won!!!


Thanks for your help.  I appreciate it!


I'm not fond of very long time smokes.  Tires me out, and makes my feet and back hurt.  But rest assured I will be doing some briskets off and on.

May even try some Pastrami too.  LOL