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First Smoke on Kamado Kooker

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I picked up you a Kamado Kooker yesterday. Today I seasoned it and then smoked a 6 pound chicken. This is my first smoke on a charcoal smoker as well, up to this point I have been using a MES. After seasoning the grill at around 400 it was a little difficult to get the temp down to around 300 where I wanted to smoke the bird, after about a hour and a half I was able to do it. It was on the smoker for about 1:45 and temperature was about 180 when I pulled it. The skin was crispy but did not want to stay on the chicken, I guess that means it was over done? 


All and all I was pretty satisfied with how it went. I will just have to try again next weekend so I can have another chance at getting it right!





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Looks great ! icon14.gif
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good job for your first cook with a Kamado!

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