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Problems with my homemade pellet burner.

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My son-in-law who is a welder made me a niffy pellet burning tray.  It is made of 1/8" thick aluminum.  I have tried to have it stay lit without success.  I microwaved my pellets and also used my torch to really get it going at first.  I live at high altitude and my attempts were made during the past winter months with cold temperatures of 10-30 degrees.  I even purchased and tried the mailbox trick without success.


Here are my thoughts:  (which do you think is the problem)


-The aluminum is too much of a heat sink and cools the embers burning putting out the fire.

- My mountain altitude of 8600' does not supply enough oxygen for the pellets to burn.

- My brand of pellets -Camp Chef- are no good.

- I should have purchased the Amazing Pellet Burner AMNPS.  Its the real deal.


thanks for your help-



Silverthorne, Colorado



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Altitude is your problem, possibly a fan promoting air flow will help.
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Increased airflow should fix the issue.

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Aluminum is a big heat sink.... I think the altitude has you by the short hairs too.... You may have to try a small heat source like a soldering iron with pellets piled up in a tin can.....
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Crush a handful of pellets and mix that with the whole pellets. light one end and it should burn without issue!
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