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Cutting legs

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What is the closest angle to cut my legs to mate up to sides of my 20" pipe.
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depends where on the tanks you decide to weld them to.....
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Was going to weld them to back of firebox up to where firebox is welded on.
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Easiest thing to do is trace some cardboaed using your cook chamber, cut it out, and lay it on the legs until you like the fit. Then mark the legs and cut.
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How is every body coughing their steel with out plasma. Can't even make one cut with dewalt metal blade in chop saw or circular saw. Back to cut off wheel I guess.
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Coughing? Usually after a lot of grinding, a hot shower helps cough it all up good.

No, thin kerf cut off wheels in a angle grinder is going to be your best best. Just be very gentle and cautious with them, if they shatter they will fly. Hopefully you are wearing face shield and gloves when you do this.
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Yea using 3" cut off wheel on die grinder I use to cut sheet metal when I do body work. Man trying to fit a leg to that round body then trying to hold it up level it and weld it I could use two more arms. Got one on by the time I sidled it to fit contor nice ended up inch shorter than planed. Oh well how many times have I wished I had an extra inch. 😂😱
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How about building the frame first, getting it all nice and square, then sitting it on the tank and taking your time to shape the top of the legs until the fit the tank ( with flapper wheel) and get it level?
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with the legs straight up and down 18" apart do you think it will sit sturdy or fall over. Was thinking about puting 3 ft bar across bottom of legs for stability.
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Well, ?, You could always weld a piece of flat bar to the bottom of the leg to give it a lil wider foot at the bottom. I usually use 1/4" x 2" or so .
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Yea that's what I was thinking about 4" square or so other wise leg stance seems ok.
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You could splay the legs outward 4-5".... would have a stabilizing effect.....
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Measure, Mark, and Square. These are 3 things that have no variables.  All I had was a 4" angle grinder/W cut disk, a tape, level, and square. It can be done.


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