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First ribs in my new MES40

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Doin some baby backs in the new MES40 today. Was pouring out this mourning. Weather man says another rain coming in a couple hours, not suppose to rain long though, so should be smoking in a few hours.
Ribs are rubbed down waiting for mother nature to cooperate.
Splashed them with a little Worcestershire and fresh made apple juice last night with coat of my own rub mix. Another dusting this mourning. Tummys rumblin, kids grumblin, mouths waterin, come on weather!!!
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So according to our everchanging weather report, its now not supposed to rain again until 6 pm. So I warmed up the smoker, got the amnps lit, ready for a 5 hr smoke at 225 deg. Wouldn't you know it, started sprinkling. Oh well. Put em in anyways.
Nice bed of smoke.

Good smoke trail going here.
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Sauce made up and ready for action. In the frige for melding.😋
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So it started raining again, hope the electronics on this mes are sealed up good. Wish there was a more reliable weather forcast out there. Has been changing every half hour.
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I've left mine in the rain and it's fine.  Only problem I have had is the control panel became sun rotted so I ordered a new one.  Going to make a little sun deflector before installing new one.  Good luck with ribs.  I think that is one item I haven't done in my MES yet.

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I got a good cover for mine, just not sure about having it on while raining. I put a towel over the control panel to keep water out. Looks like its sealed up pretty good though. 3 hours in. To wrap or not to wrap? It's still sprinkling out so I think I'll let em go without wrapping.
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I've heard great things about the 3-2-1 method.  When I get around to ribs i'll prolly try one rack with it and one without.  I haven't found any "good covers" that last more than one season out here in Vegas.  The sun just dries and bakes them.  Within one year they are brittle and falling apart.  Ribs looking good.

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Vagas, been through there once, it was 120 deg. In the shade. Bet it would play hell on just about anything. Here in Maine, the dry winter winds are hard on equipment as well.

I have done the 3 2 1 method (2 2 1 with babybacks) in my old charcoal smoker, but I didn't think it made a huge difference. I would probably wrap them if it wasn't raining out, and it looks like there still quite moist anyways.
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So it finally stoped raining. 4 hrs in, time for the sauce
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Just pulled the ribs from the smoker, going put another light coat of sauce, just enough to make them messy, then a little rest before eating.
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