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New Beer drinkin smoker

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Been smokin with buddies from North Dakota forabout 15years. Mainly sausages & jerky. Finally picked up a used smoker for a 30 Pak of beer. Started trying different things like mac & cheese (dont use mesquite), Deviled eggs(awesome),Brisket,moinks, arm roast. Today I am going to do HotDogs for the race.

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Welcome to the forums and make sure  you post Q-View (pics) of your smokes.  We love to see pictures!

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Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Beers & smoke go great together ! icon14.gif
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Hello and welcome to the site. (I like Hot Dogs)


Gary S

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I made  spiral cut Hot Dogs in smoker for Nascar race (sorry, forgot to take pictures).Kind of a pain in the Butt to make but the smoke flavor is perfect all through the dog. Turned out great, used apple chips 1hr@200-225 bottom rack.Speaking of apples. I had one sitting on bar so I sliced it up, threw on cookie sheet, sprinkled with creole season, smoke for 1/2 hr. Wasn't to bad but instead of salt season I think I'll try sugar or cinnamon next time.

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I do apples on the grill all the time, Core and slice in fairly thick slices, baste with a little butter then sprinkle sugar and Cinnamon  these are fantastic.


Gary S

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Great to have you join us Beert69, welcome1.gif from North Dakota!
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Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.



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Did someone say spiral cut hot dogs!!!!!!

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