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Temperature management

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Ok, I know this has been covered a million times, but humor me and help me out. For my last few smokes I have had a near impossible time maintaining a temp greater than 200. I have a cabelas brand propane smoker that I bought on clearance 3 years ago. I have tried all different combinations of both top and bottom vents, I have varied the water from empty to full and everything in between.

I'm about to throw in the towel and buy a new smoker (realistically that is not happening right now)

Any other thoughts?
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Never had or used a gas smoker, so this is just a thought....... Does it have an adjustable pressure regulator? 

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No. Good thought though
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Which smoker is it? Do you have a picture of it?

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This is it, in all it's cheap glory.
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Just an idea here, have you ever blown out the burner jets to ensure none are plugged with worms or dirt dabbers or spider webs?


When the burner is lit, does it burn blue or yellow?


Also with all your problem attempts have you been using the same gas bottle?

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I have tried different gas bottles, but I will check the burner, hadn't thought about that, and I will fire it up tomorrow to see what color the flame is. What color is it supposed to be?
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Very good suggestion from Foamheart....... very well could be your issue.


Flame should be blue.

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Another thought, if you are using a newer bottle with the safety valve built in:

If you open the valve on the tank fast it can cause the safety valve to restrict the flow of gas.

Open it very slow at first.......

I have at times, even turned the tank upside down while opening the valve, again slowly.

Good luck....

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I forgot to respond back to this, I cleaned it all up, the flame is blue, I was able to get the temp up a little higher with no food on board, I am trying it tomorrow on a pork shoulder. We will see how it goes.
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Fowl when you place your new tank on do you turn the gas on full right away? Sometimes if you do this it will clog the regulator. Companies recommend turning only quarter turn until lit. Just a suggestion. No issues with my smoke hollow like this.
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I tried it at half, lit it, then opened it up the rest of the way. Still having trouble getting it over 200. I will try the quarter turn next time. Might be time for a new smoker!
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I had trouble with my gasser ended up I needed a new regulator
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That smoker looks a lot like my MES electric, with the thermometer on the front door. Are you using anything else to gauge the temp? I was having trouble getting my temp up, even with it on high but for the hell of it bought an oven thermometer to put on the rack. I realized when the door thermometer read 190-200, the one inside was at a perfect 225. Not sure if that's the issue but I wouldn't rely on that door thermometer.

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I put my thermometer in there last time and this time, the door thermometer is a little off, but not much, it shows 195-200, and mine read 200-204
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