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here is what I have been using for 4 years now icon14.gif ....the milk crate and brick are gone now biggrin.gif ....

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Hey man, gotta use what you got...thats what bbqing is all about. No need for a super fancy smoker haha.
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To quote my Pop, "That pit has a lot of character!".

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I made a uds because I'm too broke for a expensive smoker, and I'm impressed with how well it works.
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So here the butt is at noon




And here it is at 1500 ( 3pm )




I haven't pulled it yet, but I am liking the bark on it. 10 pound butt for about 10 hours at 193 degrees. I was going to wait until i reached 200, but i ran out of beer.

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203 IT the perfect pulling temp....LOL


I love your avatar!


Oh and I think I forgot to say, Thank you for your service.


So how was that Butt!!

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Lol thanks, my little girl already learning to grill. Thanks appreciate it. The butt was pretty good, I think a little bit longer on the smoker would've been better. For my first butt i am pleased. I feel as if the bark was a tad bit tough. It was almost like chewing into a piece of jerky.
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Did the bark taste ok? The dry jerky ........ might be a high cooking temp, could be from a dry chamber. Instead of spritzing, you might try just a pan of water or whatever juice to get some more moisture in the CC. Did you by chance make crank up the heat a little trying to bust that stall?


Congrats on your butt, so what did your sous-chef think about that pork?

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Well it was at a constant 250 ( on my thermometer ) I think it could've been a dry chamber, I didnt have a water pan and the only moisture was the spritz. Lol she loved it. The bark tasted very good. Had a spicy kick from chili powder and cracked peppercorn.
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If the sous chef is happy, there is perfect harmony in the world! You did good.


BTW you get a chance, down on Alameda to a small boot shop, names Mingo Boots, man made my boots for 20+ years. Handmade with excellent craftsman ship and a pretty good price. Go in, let him feel your feet and write down some numbers pick you skin, your toe your heel, your top and the stitching pattern. My two most favorite were a pair of taupe kid skin, the other was some peanut brittle ells. The kids skin were like slipping the feet into moose hide gloves, and those ells turned heads when you walked down the street.


I was one of their first 100 customers..... You ought to drop by and just look and see what's possible. They are amazing! I believe the guys name was George.

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yeah it will get that way without foiling too, glad it came out to your liking....try foiling at 145 next butt icon14.gif ....
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I'll have to check that boot shop put, the pair I have now are getting pretty worn. Just a cheap pair of Justins boots. I'll be moving to LA here in a few weeks, and they have tons of boot shops here. Yeah I think for the sake of appearance ill not foil, but if I'm making a butt for my family I dont see a reason not to foil.
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I still get good bark, but I also get tender meat bark too foiling icon14.gif ....
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what liquid do you put in the foil if any? 

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when I smoke I use a foil pan to catch drippings from meat to use later....most times I use a baster and just use the meats juice to spritz it....when time to cover "foil" I just cover the foil pan with what meat juice is there icon14.gif ....
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that sounds good. Iv'e heard of people using apple juice or something along the lines of that, but I feel as if it would make things a little too sweet. The only reason I use apple juice to spritz is the sugar in the juice.

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that's what great bout what we do, you can try anything....instead of apple juice, try orange juice some time....my fav is juicy juice orange/mango flavor icon14.gif ....if your doing a brisket you can use beef broth as your spritz....
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I think my next smoke will be a brisket, ill have to try a broth spritz. Do you prefer a spritz or a mop?
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spritz you dont touch the formation of bark

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That's a good point. I didnt even think about that. Mopping and spritz essentially do the same thing too?
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