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Unpacking and seasoning my 40" MES tomorrow.

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Any thoughts, opinions or advice from MES users would be greatly appreciated.

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Season like the manual says. Use a level (front to back) to make sure unit is level for proper drainage.  A temp probe for both the smoker and the food is highly recommended since the one provided is unreliable. The chip tray works fine for high temp smokes but for anything below 200 degrees you will need an alternate smoke producer such as the AMNPS.   :welcome1:

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And whenever you use the water pan wrap aluminum foil around the BOTTOM of the pan because it will turn BLACK.    :icon_eek:

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Thanks for the suggestions, Chestnutbloom.  Great advice.  I am intrigued by the idea of the AMNPS.  Unfortunately, I have heard it is extremely difficult to find smoke pellets here in Mexico.  Is there another alternative?

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Got my smoker seasoned and will be smoking some pork tenderloin tomorrow.  I am wondering about high altitude smoking, however, since I am 5,000 feet above sea level.  Anyone have experience with this?  Any advice?  Thanks.

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Masterbuilt has a "cold" smoking attachment that burns wood chips. It says you load it up and it will smoke around 6 hours. It fits in where the chip loader is. You can google it to learn more.....thumb.gif

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From what I've read about altitude, it will take you generally 25% longer to reach a desired internal temperature. You also will have lower humidity so I assume moisture from a water pan will only help....th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

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I suggest most highly that you check the calibration of your units temperature probe. They have been a recurring problem with MES, enough to recommend to every new user to check them.


Remember with a pork tenderloin you must hold the moisture in, you can either wrap with bacon, or I personally use a light rub of brown sugar just prior to putting on the smoker. The sugar liquefies (you'll see), then with heat it caramelizes to encapsulate the pork with a thin candy shell to hold that moisture in. You won't taste it. He's were I did one.


Here's a link to what I am talking about. It came out slightly pink but it was done, it just had the thermometer not exactly centered.


Hope it helps.

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