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Back again for PICNIC May 2016!   


Bought, thawed and cured in my Lo-Salt Curing brine 3 more turkeys for this year's party!




Just like last year.    My wonderful wife helped me get them out and sack them, then hung in the smokehouse and got them smoking.  It's now about 2 pm and they're taking on some color, and cooking, too....



I throw a few pieces of wood chunks in the big frying pan on top of the propane burner providing the heat every hour or so to give them wood smoke for flavoring.




(Of course, that photo was when the unit was brand new - still looks like that but well-blackened from all the smoke!)

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Double lucky people at the picnic, for sure.

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Last week I smoked some cheese, too:


Amazen Cold Smoker Unit (





Cold-smoking the cheese, on the Amazen Matz which won't allow it to stick and lets the smoke through.  The pellet unit smolders and does not raise the temperature in the smokehouse and goes for about 10 hours.  This was invented by Todd Johnson, a member on here (now a Super Moderator!) and is getting known world-wide!  It does a great job!  Once the cheese is smoked, I put it in ziplock bags for 2 weeks and let it mellow to a rich, creamy smoky goodness!

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Two tasty smokes!


Love my Q-mats and tube smokers from Todd.

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All ready to go - turkeys processed, cheese cubed, in containers.  Going to be at our regular meeting place at Texas Rehab. on Alabama St., Fort Worth..  Will post some photos later!

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Great post Pops.  I can't wait to see the final pics.


As for the lovely Miss Linda, you is one lucky man!!!!





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Man, Pops, I would love to have been there.


Points for another great cook.



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I'm very late to this party, but I would like to say.

Great looking birds and another great smoke.

Congratulations on the anniversary, same day as me and Mrs Gear.

You have our wishes and prayers for many more for you and the Mrs.

Very nice pictures, all of them.



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