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Dbl door fridge build

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I am tearing apart my stainless double door fridge and I am finding some fiber board that was used to trim around the doors. I am looking for an easy to work with material that is pretty affordable that will be able to take the heat.

I am planning on using a pellet hopper assembly from smoke daddy as my heat source. Thanks for any suggestions.
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image.jpg 1175k .jpg file
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Looks like it's already seen some use. I used strips of sheet metal for my trim.

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Yeah, it has seen some use and it has been sitting outside without much use for the past 5 years or so. It was originally used with a firebox abour 5 feet from the smoker and then the smoke was piped in. I got it from a realtive with intentions to rebuild and change the heat source.
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The door latches on my fridge are shot and I cannot find replacements for a Puffer Hubbard Model F31. Any suggestions on what to use and where to look for some new handles?
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I am trying to decide on my final design and figured out that the inside of my fridge is aluminum. Is that a problem. The aluminum is in rough shape so I am thinking of three options.

Option #1 - Have a new box made out of steel. The problem with this is that I have no skills working with steel and no tools to do it so I would have to pay someone to do the work and I think it will probably be expensive.

Option #2 - I would use the existing frame and put wood inside of it so I could have more shelves and the wood would also give it more stability. Is this a bad idea? I could do the work and wood is cheaper than steel.

Option #3 - Leave the box as is and figure out how to get some more shelves is it.

I am still leaning towards using a pellet assembly from Smoke Daddy for my heat souce. I am trying to keep this build as economical as possible but I also want a quality product.

Here is a picture of the inside of my box.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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I have been spending the last couple weeks working on my build and thought I would post some updated pics

I still need to work on the exhaust and cut the hole to mount the Smoke Daddy Pellet hopper. I am a little nervous to cut the hole since it is a one shot deal.

Hope you enjoy the pics.
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Measure twice, cut once.

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Will do!

I built the smoker to fit the racks since I got them for free from some old ovens. The middle part of the shelf is removable so I can hang things the whole length if I need to.
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Nice build. I agree with using the oven racks too. It keeps my cost low. I used the measures for my grills too so I can interchange them as well.
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