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Welding on a Lang 48

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I just got a Lang 48 Patio and while seasoning it I noticed a hole in the weld that connects the drain pipe to the smoker. I emailed Lang and they said it was there on purpose. Seems odd to me since now all the grease will drain onto the handle of the shutoff on the pipe. Can anyone confirm that they do indeed do this intentionally? Thanks!!
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I have a lang 48 patio, but I've never noticed any grease on the handle or shutoff pipe. If they said it's there on purpose then I wouldn't sweat it. Just enjoy your new toy and make lots of delicious eats.

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others are having the same problem.. is the weld open at the top of the pipe where the v is. If it is thats wrong. all the grease should flow onto the reverse flow plate then into the v then into the tube then down into a catch container

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Indeed an opening in the bottom of the drain pipe where it meets the outer belly of the smoker IS intentional. The purpose is to have excess water from a steam clean process to be able to drain out the chamber instead of setting in and rusting. If you do steam clean often, you will notice the side of the drain pipe and valve have water and slight grease stains. However, if you see heavy dark grease, then your leak is in the weld where the pipe meets the V channel. Then you need to address the issue with lang. Hope this helps.

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